Character Creation Rules

Character Creation Information

Characters will be built using an abbreviated set of rules from Cyberpunk 2020 … refer to the Character Sheets below for the stats/skills applicable to the campaign. If anyone thinks they would like to have additional stats or skills, please let me know.

Character Creation Rules:

Stats: All PCs will be built using the following dice … assign these dice to the 6 stats from the PC sheet ( Body, Ref, Int/Tech, Emp/Att, Cool, Luck). Any number of dice can be assigned to a single state, but Dice cannot be split across stats and each final stat must be between 2 & 10 (with scores of 3 or less potentially being a significant hindrance for the Character). Also be aware that stats do not increase with experience … baring research of new technology or other in-game changes, these stats will not increase:
1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6

Skills: Each character will start with 50 skill points that can be assigned to any of the Skills in the Character Sheet. Starting skills cannot be higher than 10. Skills can be raised with experience, although some skills require more points per level than others (see the Cyberpunk 2020 rules for details on skill improvement).

Player Character Sheets:

NPC Character Sheets:

Cyberpunk 2020 Rules PDF (large … 50MB)

NPC Recruitment

NPC Recruits: This page identifies the currently available X-Com NPC Recruits … the players may hire any or all of these individuals to act as X-Com ground troops.

The X-Com Tactical Group (the PCs) starts with $300,000 to hire and outfit soldiers. Each recruit initially costs $3,000 to recruit … this is just to hire the soldier, the Group will still need to purchase gear for each soldier. As soldiers gain experience, their cost to retain each month will increase. This will be reflected in the X-Com Soldier Roster page (that will be created once the game is running).

An additional $500,000 is available to the Group for “Capital” expenses. These include larger, one-time or exceptional purchases of equipment (PC gear, Heavy Weapons Platforms, etc).

The Tactical Group has the authority to use any funds for any purpose (you are not limited to only spending $300K on Soldiers or $500K on Capital expenses), but this was the division of funds initially allocated by the X-Com Steering committee. Additional funds will be available each month based on the previous month’s success at countering Alien activities.

Character Creation Rules

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